BlanX Advanced Whitening Toothpaste

Calm. Soothing. Refreshing. For immediate relief and long lasting feeling of freshness.

Prep is a historical brand, known to thousands of consumers, used by and handed down from generation to generation and acquired by Coswell in January 2009. Standard-bearer of Made in Italy with regard to the skin protection, Prep combines innovation and tradition along with gentleness and efficiency across its entire range of products, designed for complete skin treatment.


The Brand in short 

In an era dominated by extreme specialization in all areas, the legendary jar of Prep skin protective cream is a “silver bullet” for every type of skin blemish. One product for a wide range of uses to provide instant relief and regenerate the skin of both adults and children.
The range of Prep products for daily skincare consists of: a line of pre- and post-shave balms, a line of deodorants, multi-purpose skincare cream and hand cream. Since April 2009, Prep has also provided a broad range of high-protection sun skincare products with unique innovative principles for both adults and children.



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