Classic Artic Lichens Series

Arctic Lichens

The success of BlanX toothpaste is down to its scientific research and natural traditions.

During an expedition to the North Pole, a few scientist noticed that the local populations had extraordinarily white and healthy teeth.
Their only oral hygiene consisted of rubbing their teeth with a lichen that grew abundantly at those latitudes.

Lichens are plant organisms that are capable of drawing energy from solar radiation. They can live in extreme conditions, colonising in uncontaminated lands, such as Arctic terrains, because they have to survive in highly stressful conditions, they produce many special substances for their own protection, including natural antibacterial substances.

The active ingredients in lichen only act against the type of micro-organisms that damage teeth and build plaque.

Lichen extract can control the amount of bacteria present on your teeth helping to prevent plaque that leads to tooth discolouration.

From this observation, the Italian researcher studies were able to isolated the active ingredients present in Arctic Lichen allowing BlanX to create its unique toothpaste in terms of effectiveness and protection.

In lichen extracts the unic acid has been detected as a substance particularly effective in protecting mucous membranes and teeth. The usnic acid has a bacteriostatic and natural action: it can quickly neutralize most of the bacterial load, especially the Streptococcus Mutans, the main cause of caries, bringing out a bleaching action.

BlanX toothpaste has been formulated with a calibrated combination of high quality silica, with a specific granulometry, which simultaneously enables an optimal cleaning effect and maximum respect for the integrity of dental enamel, with a low level of RDA for a maximum safety.

BlanX ezymes are capable of degrading the protein film on the teeth surlace (biofilm) thus promoting the removal of stains and preventing their reformation; these enzymes are therefore able to counteract the bacterial growth and to restore the teeth white and health bringing out a protective action.

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