Patented in the 90s by an Italian dentist, the result of intensive research and development, BlanX gave birth to the segment of whitening toothpastes in the pharmacy channel, soon becoming the leader of reference.

The Brand in short
After 10 years since the launch, BlanX is still the first in the whitening segment for the pharmacy channel; in 2003 it was inserted into the mass retail channel where it maintains a leading position along with several other brands. The secret of this success? BlanX is the only toothpaste that combines a cosmetic function with a first-rate scientific value.

BlanX is the only toothpaste that combines cosmetic and scientific properties; it is the only natural non-abrasive whitening toothpaste with an exclusive formula based on Arctic lichens. BlanX laboratories gave rise to BlanX White Shock in 2012, the new range of products with the revolutionary patented formula based on ActiluX, the active ingredient that whitens teeth by using the power of light.