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Research and analyses conducted by the dermatological clinic of the University of Siena, in collaboration with the Spa Study Centre in Tokyo, have led to the innovative Bionsen formula based on Japanese spring oligominerals; protective and regenerating bioelements which are abundant in Japanese hot springs.

The Brand in short

Bionsen springs from the synergy and cultural blend of the Western and Eastern worlds. Trace minerals are essential for normal epidermal trophism and it is on these bases that the Coswell research laboratories have further exploited their application by using them in their cosmetic products in appropriate concentrations.

Bionsen is a complete line of products for personal hygiene and wellness: shower gel and bath foam, shampoo, liquid detergents, deodorants and a line of products specifically designed for personal hygiene.

All our products are aluminium and paraben free

Bionsen is an aluminium and paraben free product with thermal spa minerals to help nourish and protect skin.

It allows your skin to breathe naturally so can be used as part of a more natural beauty care regime, and the aluminium and paraben free formula offers an alternative for those concerned about the possible links with breast cancer.

  • No aluminium
  • No parabens
  • Contains vital, thermal spa minerals to keep skin glowing
  • Great for sensitive or extra sensitive skin