Ricray Pte Ltd

Mr Ronald Yong

In today’s hyper-saturated marketplace, consumers concerned with household, dermatological and even cosmetic products are familiar with the inexhaustible variety of brands and products readily available in Singapore. In other words, it takes only an observant and perceptive businessman to know that setting up an enterprise in this industry takes not only courage and determination, but also resourcefulness and a lot of professional practice. Fortunately, Mr Ronald Yong is all set, with over decades of experience in the industry, a zealous thirst for innovation, and more importantly, an ambitious enthusiasm for success.

Since the company’s incorporation in the third quarter of 2015, Ricray has had a reputation for conscientiously introducing new and inventive personal care products. In fact, the company is unwavering when it comes to holding high regard for quality, safety and consumer-driven service excellence; needless to say, this easily translates into their unique brand identity as an unparalleled Italian product company amidst the noise of the crowded business-to-business marketplace. Interestingly, Mr Yong and his team at Ricray are amongst only a handful of companies that pride themselves as suppliers of high-quality Italian products, breaking new ground locally with products like LED-activated toothpaste brand Blanx.

Not surprisingly, Mr Yong accredits the success of his business to his humble background with more than three multinational corporations the likes of Kao and even L’oreal Singapore, resulting in his impressive track record and wide network within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry in Singapore. Of course, along the way Ricray has been daunted on numerous occasions with concerns like product positioning as well as changes in market trends. Fortunately, with an acute sense of entrepreneurship and adaptability, the company was ultimately able to overcome every hurdle in sight, especially under the sharp and fastidious leadership of Mr Yong.

Fast forward to 2017, Ricray now stands at the helm of the FMCG industry, backed with numerous accreditations and certifications as testimony of their attention to quality, safety and innovation. Strategically positioned with a premium market price, coupled with an elusive portfolio of customers including Fairprice, Watsons, Guardian and various other Hypermarkets, Mr Yong and his team are optimistic about their company’s ambition for expansion and reputation as a leading Italian product distributor in Singapore.